My origami book collection led me to write reviews.
Thank you to Tuttle Publishing, LaFosse/Alexander and others for sharing!

My First Origami Fairy Tales Kit by Joel Stern

This sweet origami kit would be delighted by children of all ages. Older kids can fold the models, while younger ones add stickers and make up stories with the characters against one of the six backdrops. This kit would be enjoyable especially among siblings, in after school or youth group […]

Kawaii Origami by Chrissy Pushkin

Kawaii Origami by Chrissy Pushkin is such a sweet, fun, and of course, kawaii origami book! I have been a long time fan of Paper Kawaii on YouTube so I was so delighted to find this book version. I love that this book comes with 50 sheets of origami paper; […]

Origami City Kit by Joel Stern

Origami City Kit would make a cool birthday gift for any child who loves vehicles, buildings and/or origami, but as a Montessorian and an origamist who teaches a wide age range, I absolutely love the idea of building/folding an “Origami City” together as a group activity. This kit would be so fun […]

Japanese Origami Kit for Kids by Michael LaFosse

Japanese Origami Kit for Kids is packed with models and papers that are so much fun! It is a great beginner kit for young children around age 7 and 12. It comes in a box containing a booklet, a variety of unique print origami paper, and “practice” dollar bill paper. […]

Mind-Blowing Modular Origami by Byriah Loper

On Instagram I see tons of people posting modular origami, and many of them seem to only post this genre of origami. Personally, I’m not particularly into modulars; I prefer to fold out of one sheet, or when I fold modulars, it’s folded out of less than 6 units. Well, […]

Advanced Origami by LaFosse and Alexander

Advanced Origami by Michael LaFosse and Richard Alexander was first published in 2005 as a hardcover book. I didn’t own it but had once borrowed from a friend and loved it. So when I received a pre-released, complimentary copy from Tuttle Publishing recently, it was such a pleasant surprise to acquire it and […]

New Expressions in Origami Art by Meher McArthur

“We are living in the most exciting era of origami!” is a quote by my origami friend and a storyteller Kuniko Yamamoto, whom I’ve interviewed in Summer 2015 issue of The Paper. This art form has come so far since the 1950s, thanks to Akira Yoshizawa and recent technology advancement. […]

Akira Yoshizawa: Japan’s Greatest Origami Master

In 2014, I had an opportunity to visit Sano Art Museum in Mishima, Japan for the exhibition of Akira Yoshizawa: The World of Creative Origami. Before that time, I had seen several of his artworks only in photographs and folded just one or two of his models. Of course, I’ve […]

LaFosse & Alexander’s Origami Jewelry

This is the second book about origami jewelry that came across me.  The first was Origami Jewelry by Ayako Brodek.  While Ms. Brodek’s book is filled with feminine and intricate designs, this new Origami Jewelry by LaFosse and Alexander includes bold and striking designs.  Understandably, Ms. Brodek is a woman and […]

Origami Ikebana by Benjamin John Coleman

“Origami Ikebana” by Benjamin John Coleman is the second product by that author that I am reviewing.  I wrote a review on Coleman’s “Origami Bonsai” kit about a year ago (review can be read here). Coleman’s new book/DVD, “Origami Ikebana” is just what you’d expect based on his last publication, […]

Hokusai & Hiroshige Print Origami Paper

When I first received the Hokusai and Hiroshige print origami paper packs from Tuttle Publishing, I was just too afraid to fold these beautiful arts.  I didn’t want to ruin some of Japan’s finest arts in history by folding!  I just wanted to keep and admire them, without folding. But […]

Travel Origami by Cindy Ng

Travel Origami: 24 Fun and Functional Travel Keepsakes by Cindy Ng is one of those books that were gifted from Tuttle Publishing for me to review before it was published. To be honest, I probably would not have picked out this origami book personally myself.  But this would be a […]

LaFosse & Alexander’s Origami Flowers Kit

There are so many origami books written specifically on flowers these days.  As a woman who loves all kinds of pretty, I, of course love making flowers out of origami and own quite a few books on this topic.  This Origami Flowers kit seemed different from any others that I […]

One Minute Paper Airplanes by Andrew Dewar

There is something about paper airplanes that always seems to excite boys, even grown-up boys.  I can think of a handful of adult males: fathers, uncles, and teachers who would love this kit to work on with their young ones, or even just for themselves.  I, as an adult female, don’t […]

Origami Animal Sculpture by John Szinger

Origami Animal Sculpture book by John Szinger comes with an instructional DVD and will be released from Tuttle Publishing on July 22, 2014. As it’s implied by the title and the photos, this book is not meant to be for origami beginners.  It is for intermediate to advance folders who are looking […]

LaFosse & Alexander’s Dollar Origami

When I was gifted this Dollar Origami book by Origamido Studio recently, I was kind of dreading having to use icky old dollar bills.  Crisp new ones were hard to come by, as far as I knew.  But when I first opened the book, I was pleasantly surprised to find […]

Origami Bonsai Kit by Benjamin John Coleman

I first laid my eyes on an artwork of Benjamin John Coleman on Origami Caravan website, over a year ago.  He was auctioning off an original work of his, which was a wall hanging of intricate origami flowers.  It looked very organic and sculptural, unlike most other origami flower models. […]

Origami Dress-Up Paper Dolls by Makoto Yamaguchi

When I was little, one of the most favorite things to play with was dress-up paper dolls, which kind of explains why I love playing dress-up to this day. I love coming up with outfits with complimentary colors, and also mixing with fun novelty prints. And I love to do […]