Origami Groups

OrigamiUSA is the American national origami society and the largest origami group in the world. It offers a lot of origami resources via their website, magazines, online shop and conventions. It’s not required to be an US citizen or resident to become their member. Their website has a link to other origami groups, both in U.S. regional and International.

Portland Oregon Paper Shapers is the local origami group in Portland, Oregon. It is a very casual group that meets once a month on second Sunday afternoons at Belmont Library.

Origami Paper, Books & Kits

Many art/craft/paper supply stores, bookstores, Asian gift shops carry origami papers, books, and/or kits. There are also many online stores that carry them. Most origami papers are made in Japan so you will find the largest variety and at the lowest prices in Japan. As for origami books and kits, please find publication reviews on my Reviews page (here).

Origami Documentaries