I am pleased to announce that my first publication, Super Cute Origami Kit: Kawaii Paper Projects You Can Decorate in Thousands of Ways! from Tuttle Publishing is the winner of 2019 Moonbeam Children’s Book Award Bronze Medal!

I designed this kit specifically for children who not only enjoy origami and other crafts, but also are curious about other cultures. I provided the cultural background info and folding instruction, as well as embellishing tips of each project. After folding each model, the reader can decorate it, either by using included embellishments or drawing.

The kit features two fictional, manga style characters, illustrated by my former colleague and a very talented artist, Emily Watanabe. These two characters guide through the projects.

You may find/order this product at many bookstores that carry Tuttle Publishing products, including:

Note: please call the store ahead to make sure that it is in stock.

You can also purchase one directly from me at one of my upcoming events. If you live somewhere outside of the United States, major bookstores that offer English titles and Amazon in your country are likely to carry Tuttle products.