Origami City Kit would make a cool birthday gift for any child who loves vehicles, buildings and/or origami, but as a Montessorian and an origamist who teaches a wide age range, I absolutely love the idea of building/folding an “Origami City” together as a group activity. This kit would be so fun for a family to bring on a vacation or at a holiday get-together. This kit would also make a great bonding tool in a community group, such as an after school program, youth group or Boy Scout. After all, a city is made by a community so making an origami city by a small community sounds appropriate.

I have young nephews who are into things like cars and buildings that I really hope to share this kit with. Next time when I visit them across the ocean I will be sure to accompany this kit so that I would lure them into their first origami fun experience. My older nieces may enjoy this kit as well since they have previous experience enjoying origami with me and they are studying English. I bet this kit would also be a big hit at the school where I work, where it’s multi-age, community oriented setting.

Even toddlers who have yet to experience origami fun would be delighted to play the Origami City with older ones. They would enjoy watching buildings and vehicles being built/folded, placing on passengers as stickers on them, and building the city on a fold-out play mat. I am all for introducing origami at a young age, imaginary plays, and multi-age/intergenerational activities.

The designs of this kit are so cute, colorful and eye-catching that would surely be gravitated by all children and adults. The included 14 models range from easy to intermediate. Young folders would enjoy a simple model like a sail boat or a house, while older ones would enjoy a bit more challenging model like a helicopter. Young children would easily grow into enjoy the kit over the years as well.