When I was gifted this Dollar Origami book by Origamido Studio recently, I was kind of dreading having to use icky old dollar bills.  Crisp new ones were hard to come by, as far as I knew.  But when I first opened the book, I was pleasantly surprised to find fake dollar bills to tear-out and use. I also learned from my local origami friend Janessa from Daily Dollar Doodle that if I wanted crisp new dollar bills I just need to call my bank to see if they have gotten a shipment of new bills.

Dollar bill origami seems to have become more and more popular in the U.S. these days.  There are quite a few books published on the subject now.  But to me, this was unexplored area of origami.

This book has a wide variety of models, simple to intermediate to advanced, modular to practical to animals.  Something for everyone.  I found some of more advanced models toward the end of this book  pleasantly challenging.  My favorite models in this book include “Reef Pony” (seahorse), Bunnies (2 versions: standing and sitting) and Teddy Bear.  I love when dollar bill origami designers incorporate models with eyes.

Sitting Bunny and Standing Bunny
“Reef Pony”
Teddy Bear

How fun it would be to use these folded money creatures to tip at restaurants or to give away to kids such as a tooth fairy!  LaFosse & Alexander’s Dollar Origami is available on Amazon and Powell’s.